Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day3~ Tupperware!

The attack of the Tupperware cupboard! Yes, dont we all just love that one?!?! LOL! It can get messed up so quickle! Oh gosh I just hate my tupperware cupboard. I ended up just tossing things in there, sad to say that I admit it but I do, well did.

The challenge for today was to tackle that sucker down! I sure did tackle it down and OMG its so pretty! I havent seen it like this since we moved here a year ago, lol. So here is my before pictuer:

My after picture:

YAY!! Its so nice and pretty, I will do my very best to keep it this way! I cant wait to see what is on tomorrows challenge. That weird for me to say because I am not one that likes to clean or looks forward to it at all. Yay to the New Year and a great start to it all!


  1. wow yeah mine looks like this as well haha the after is nice!!

  2. Thank you Ladies! I am happy that this is done as well. Now lets hope it stays this way, lol.

  3. HAHAHA mine sooo looked like your before, but Peter acually organized it the other day. LOL