Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 2~ Computer Desk

Sooooo.....my computer desk is everything lol. It's not only my computer desk but my craft desk as well. It gets messy quick and when I mean quick I mean it! I can spend hours cleaning it and gosh it can get messy in oh the same amout of time it took me to clean it or less! Its not a normal desk more like a fold out table that I use as a desk, but it does the job that I need it to do.
So here is my before picture:
It took me awhile to get this under control! Hard to do it when I have a 3yr old who wants to stand in the middle of my mess, lol.
Here is the after:

I am soooo glad that my desk is cleaned and all pretty. Now I can actually work on here nice and comfortable!


  1. Believe me, I can relate to an everything desk! You did great! Want to come and help me finish mine?

  2. I would Love too BUT I still have to work on my sewing table which is NEXT to my desk, LOL. Now thats another story, lol. I don't even want to mess with it but it has to get done!

  3. YAYYY!! Desks are sooo easy to catch all kinds of stuff! You did great.