Saturday, August 27, 2011

Crayon Roll!

Well this is our second challenge to our pinterest group challenge that I am apart of! So My son's birthday was all about handmade! Why not, right? I mean everything was made with love and was ten times better then any store bought cheap toys in my opinion. So My mom and I were sticking to handmade all around! Like I said almost 100%

Pinterest is GREAT for inspiration or just seeing something and just do it! Well we did just that! We took inspiration made it our own and it was AWESOME! MY son had an AWESOME time! I would do it all over in a heart beat!! So here is our inspiration that we did for my sons birthday!

I did CRAYON ROLLS!!!! I Loved how they turned out!! Of course I had to get Mickey Mouse Fabric! It was badly priced when you paired it with a Joanns 40% off coupon!! Oh ya baby!! Oh and the crayons 40 cents at Wal-mart for 24 pack- SCORE!! So ya easy peasy I loved it! The kids loved it!! Woot Woot!!

Here is the Pinterest inspiration tut that I used it was a tad confusing but I managed to do it and they came out GREAT!

Now time to dress up out water bottles! I am telling you we went all homemade on this! My mom actually did this. I will post up her tutorial on how to do this if you are interested in doing your own for your own party! But these were a HIT! Oh and they came out ABSOLUTELY cute!!!
Here is the pinterest inspiration that we took it from We didnt pay for these to be made. All we used was a cricut cartridge, paper and contact paper and WAHLA Beautifulness!!

Next on the inspiration of tons of things that we got from Pinterest! Now we have GOODY Bags! Oh ya!! Can you tell that I am very proud at how the party turned out?
These came out better then we had imagined! My niece helped my mom out with the stamping idea! We needed some fresh eye and that's what we got!! Our pinterest pin for this idea came from here

This is everything that we had done! Doesn't it just look great? I loved how it all turned out! My cousin over at Stellar Cupcakes and Cakes did the cake and we got that idea from this pin My sister over at Vixen Ware screen printed the shirts for us! Idea for the pin came from here So pinterest helped us with Ideas. I swear if you don't have an account go get one. So much inspiration! Also stop by my cousins page here and stop over at my sisters page here.

Pinterest I love you. Thank you for the inspiration. Now its time to do my little monsters first birthday! Please keep and eye out for the tut on the water bottle!

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!!

Soooo.....a group of friends decided we would challenge each other with crafty 2 week challenges. We Pin items we want to make or are inspired from off of and then we have 2 weeks to make the item and then post it on our blogs! I thought this was a awesome idea so of course I jumped on the wagon!!

Mickey Mouse? You ask? What the heck, huh? Well my sons 4th birthday is just right around the corner and he wanted Mickey Mouse club house birthday party. So being that pinterest is just FULL of awesomeness and inpiration I went to pinning!There were SO Many awesome things that were Mickey Mouse related! So of course when this challenge came a bunch of thoughts went through my head! This could help me get the things needed for his party done sooner or I could also make things for the SHOP!

Here is what I pinned . This is not my work nor is it my picture. The work is hyperlinked so if you want to you can click the picture and go to the owners page. So mickey mouse is copy right. i was inspired to do something like this. It would look absolutely adorable on a new born baby! So this is where I got my inspiration from!
So here is my master Piece! This is my inspired mickey mouse. The hat pattern I made on my own (I am venturing into pattern making :-)) the diaper cover is a pattern from Inner Hooker! I am very please out how cute this came out. I will be adding to this set! I am going to add YELLOW shoes!! Wouldnt that just be the cutest?

I'll be back in two weeks to show you what other challenges/pinned items that I made that inspired me! If you have any questions please let me know!