Monday, January 31, 2011

400 Fan Giveaway Winners!!

Thank you to all of my fans for all of the great support that you all give me. Thank you to all of you all who entered into the giveaway!! We now have our 3 LUCK winners!!! So here they are:
Winner #1
is #20 and that is Gretchen, yahooo!!!! You get to choose a hat of your choice!!! Woohooo, btw I love your little yoda in your picture, my oldest was yoda 2yrs ago.

Winner #2
is #12 and that would be Jane!! Wooohooo!!!! You get to pick your fabric choice for a Coffee Cozy!!! Thank you for hosting the gift away.

AND winner #3
#17 and that is Melissa!! You can pick out what color you would like your chapstick holder to be!!

Thank you all for spreading the word and entering into the giveaway. If you all have any suggestions about how to do another giveaway PLEASE, PLEASE let me know! Thank you all!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

400 Fan Giveaway!

Well Fans it is time to do a giveaway! Well when we get to 400 fans that is. We are soooooo close I can almost touch it. So how does a giveaway sound? What about 3 prizes? Does that motivate you more? Of course it will be to 3 different winners! This is how it will work for entries:
1. Post on facebook about the giveaway, have them become a fan of Crafty Jones Creations tag crafty jones creations
2.Have those who you sent comment on this blog that they were sent by you(name)
3. Twitter about it and post the link
4. Blog about it and post the link
5. Just comment something nice!
Now for each entry thats one point to get your name into the drawing. So the more you have the better chance at winning. How does that sound?

So what are the prizes you ask? Well how about the first prize with be a choice of hat

Second will be:
a coffee cozy and you get to pick what fabric! If you are not a coffee drinker then you can pick a can cozy.
And for the third prize we will do a Chapstick Holder

Of course with each item you can customize it to what you want it. So how does this all sound? Lets get to 400 fans. Remember too that all our new fans can get in on this as well!!

So lets spread the word about the giveaway! Can't wait to get this and pick the lucky winners!

This Giveaway will end on Sunday the 30th!
Just added one more way to get an entry!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 12 ~ Organizing the Spice Cabinet!

Ya the spice cabinet was kind of out of control. It didn't take to long to have it all cleaned and organized. I have been doing my challenges late at night when the boys are either asleep or just relaxed and daddy is home so I don't have my 3yr old trying to help me out.
So here is my before:
and after:
ta-da!! Not to bad, eh? I think it came out great! My tea bags are up on the top shelf, my baking is on the second shelf along with my packets of seasons, and my spices are on the bottom. Yay!! Todays mission has been accomplished!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Day~11: The Freezer!!!

So todays task was to organize the freezer, was not looking forward to messing in there, lol. I will say it didnt take me long to do it. Very quick indeed! So here are my pictures.
It wasnt to bad but it was bad enough. Here is the after:
It took about 10min to do, lol. Its organized enough for me.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 10~ Laundry Room

Well, I will say that I was very excited that today's challenge was the laundry room. Ya can you believe that I was excited about that? What the heck is wrong with me?!?!? My laundry room was in DEEP NEED of a total clean up and organization. It was HORRIBLE, you will see the pictures. Dont judge me, lol. But I am very,very,very happy with the out come. Even my son was excited with me! Sooo with out much further gabber from me here are the Before pictures:

As you can tell my laundry room is TINY!! I mean the space I have between my washer and the wall is only enough for me to fit shoulders wide. It is TINY. So yes it looks super messy when things are all over the place. So these are my after pictures:
So I had this gizmo,gadget thing for a year now and I have been waiting so patiently for my lovely, dear hubby to put it up. Well it NEVER happened. So I got out the drill and the drill bit, measured where the holes went, and put it up! I am very proud of myself for this, it is even straight!! My son said that I was Bob the Builder, LOL.
Soo, YAYA!! Doesn't it look a gazillion times better? I think it does. Well I also got to make a Grocery Bag Holder!! Yahoo, yes this is something that I have been wanting to do for a year as well but never got to it. Thanks to this organization thing I got to finally make it because there was NO way I was going to have those grocery bags hanging out looking ugly!
So here is my creation:
Yay! I loved the way it came out and it was super easy and quick to do. I am very proud of how my laundry room came out!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 9~ Toy Organization! UPDATE: BOYS ROOM

Well this one is going to have to wait til a later date. I cant do much in there because there is a huge dining room set taking up the room. I have to wait til we get it out, we are holding it for my brother in law. Hopefully it will get out of my house soon!

OK so I DIDN'T want to do anything but I KNEW that if I stopped that I don't think I would of continued with my organization. That is one of my new years resolution. So instead of working on the toy room I had to organize the Boys Room. My oldest just did a big tornado mess and it had to get done.
So here are the Before Pictures:

So as you can tell their room was TRASHED all thanks to my 3yr old, lol. So Mommy and big brother got to cleaning. Here are the after photos:

Now you can see it is 100million times better. Yes I will still update when I get to the play room. I just needed to keep with the organization!

What will be happening is that toy room will be my craft room. All my crafts will be set up in there and my sons play area will be a very small part of the the house. It will work. I already bought all the shelves and baskets for it! I cant wait to get it done! I will definitely update this when it is done and completed!

Day 8~ Coat Closet

So day 8(yesterday) was to organize the coat closet! Well I did that on day one if you recall. That is the only coat closet that we have! So I just tidied it up instead. I didnt organize the top of it so thats what I did. Nothing major but I didnt want to not do it! So here is the before:

This is the after:
All I did was just organize the top shelf! There wasnt to much that needed to be fixed.

Well TODAYs assignment is the TOYS!! YIKES!! I am NOT ready for that. I am actually doing a whole move of the toys once the table gets out of the play room. Its going to be a whole switch-a-roo! Ill have my craft area in the toy room and where my craft stuff is now is where the toys will be. So I am going to have to pass on this one til a later day and I will come back and post the results. I have to get the HUGE table and chairs out of the playroom before I can do anything in there!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 7~ The Pantry

Well I don't have a pantry closet I do store stuff in my cupboards. I do miss having a pantry a lot but what can you do when you don't have one? So I organized my cupboards that house my cans and what nots. It was really that messy but then again it was a mess lol. Here is the before:
So it was a bit messy. I forgot that I also you the plastic 3 drawer thingy too. Here is my after:
So much better, huh? I will tell you all honestly that I wasn't going to do this and I was going to hold out til Sunday. Well I figured I would just do it anyways. It took me no more then ahh 15mins. I am glad I got it done!

Day 6~ Dresser Drawers

Soooo....this is my worst thing ever! I hate organizing my dresser! I wanted to cry when that was the pick for the day! OMG was the dresser a mess! I did one at 100% and the other I am not completely done. I will eventually get to the boys dressers as well because they too need tending as well. So here is the before pictures:
It was a total mess I tell ya. Here is the after:
And it looks so much better!! My husbands dresser is still a work in progress!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 5~ Under the Kitchen Sink

Well once again this wasn't much of a trouble spot for me. Yes it was in disarray and so the organization for this was super easy,fast, and quick! The Challenge was to organize under the kitchen sink. Lovely place where I keep my dish soap and cleaners. So here is my
and the After:

Didn't need that much work. It looks nice to me! Yahoo!

Day 4~ Linen Closet

Well my linen closet has been pretty good. About a month ago I pulled everything out of it and sorted it all. So there wasnt much to it then just fixing a few things.

and the After:

There wasn't much to it just need to make it pretty. So it was an easy task.
I would of posted this last night but ya Blogger was being dumb for me!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day3~ Tupperware!

The attack of the Tupperware cupboard! Yes, dont we all just love that one?!?! LOL! It can get messed up so quickle! Oh gosh I just hate my tupperware cupboard. I ended up just tossing things in there, sad to say that I admit it but I do, well did.

The challenge for today was to tackle that sucker down! I sure did tackle it down and OMG its so pretty! I havent seen it like this since we moved here a year ago, lol. So here is my before pictuer:

My after picture:

YAY!! Its so nice and pretty, I will do my very best to keep it this way! I cant wait to see what is on tomorrows challenge. That weird for me to say because I am not one that likes to clean or looks forward to it at all. Yay to the New Year and a great start to it all!