Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 9~ Toy Organization! UPDATE: BOYS ROOM

Well this one is going to have to wait til a later date. I cant do much in there because there is a huge dining room set taking up the room. I have to wait til we get it out, we are holding it for my brother in law. Hopefully it will get out of my house soon!

OK so I DIDN'T want to do anything but I KNEW that if I stopped that I don't think I would of continued with my organization. That is one of my new years resolution. So instead of working on the toy room I had to organize the Boys Room. My oldest just did a big tornado mess and it had to get done.
So here are the Before Pictures:

So as you can tell their room was TRASHED all thanks to my 3yr old, lol. So Mommy and big brother got to cleaning. Here are the after photos:

Now you can see it is 100million times better. Yes I will still update when I get to the play room. I just needed to keep with the organization!

What will be happening is that toy room will be my craft room. All my crafts will be set up in there and my sons play area will be a very small part of the the house. It will work. I already bought all the shelves and baskets for it! I cant wait to get it done! I will definitely update this when it is done and completed!


  1. Oh noooo, toy organization?? Blah!! lol Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. Way to go on the boys room! That was a mess for sure! I got my kids cleaning theirs today! I should have done a before and after picture! You are on a roll. Good luck on the toy organization!