Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We have a WINNER!!!!

I just wanted to tell you all THANK YOU so much for getting the word out and being part of my fans! I hope you all had fun. I know it was super easy and there wasn't much to it at all. Everyone likes a easy giveaway right?

So I went to Random.org and I had them pick a number! There were 34 comments, some were all inside one comment box, but anyways the number it generated was number 27! Number 27 is Julia, CONGRATS!! Thank you so much for playing along! I don't know how to copy and paste the box number generator from Random.org or I would so do that to show you all! Julia please send me an email at craftyjones1@yahoo.com with the one item that you want from the shop here.

For our next giveaway I think we will do like a 10 question thing. You will have to answer 10 questions that I give you about ME! So please get to asking me some questions so you all can be the next winner! That one should be fun. If I can get to 250 fans before the 21 Sept we will do a giveaway! So rack your brains for some questions and share,share,share my fan page. Remember Christmas is around the corner and whats not a better gift then a handmade gift made by me!!

Just wanted to say once again Thank you all for participating in this giveaway and spreading the word!! You all are the greatest!


  1. WOW Major preggo brain! I forgot that the prize was a $10 gift cert duh! So ya Julia let me know when you are ready to use it! Congrats!

  2. YAYYYA YYYAAAYYYY Woo hooo!! I'm excited! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! :)