Monday, August 23, 2010

Manic Monday!

So, it was a busy Monday for us over here! To start the day off we woke up late! So after checking my email and facebook it was time to get ready and head out to my sons 3yr old wellness check up. We were suppose to be there 15min early and lets just say that it didnt happen. We got there like maybe 5minutes before his appointment. I thought that I had left with enough time to get there. Apparently all the slow drivers in VA where on the highway today, because OMG I was stuck behind every single one of them! When we finally got through the check point on base I was glad that the clinic was easy to find.

My son did awesome at his appointment. He kept wanting to lay down on the bed because he thought that he was going to the Dr. to have his baby checked up on. He thinks he has a baby growing in his belly like his mommy!! Its to cute! He did well with the Dr. and she was pretty awesome. He is getting another speech evaluation done, which is alright. He hasn't seen a speech therapist since we left TX in November. I hope he scores high on the evaluation.

So lets back up a bit! Friday was awesome! I woke up and saw that I broke 100 on my fan page on Facebook. It was very nice to see that and I am super excited. I also had my ultrasound done too and got to see the baby. Lets just say that we hav a little chunky boy on our hands. He is almost 6lbs and I was only 34wks! So to say the least I can't wait to meet my second little man!

As promised I am going to do a giveaway. I hope I get alot of people to participate in the giveaway. I want my fans to interact with me. It would be awesome. I am right now doing the final touches to the giveaway. It should be fun and I hope you all do have fun and jump in. Have some interaction! It would be awesome!

So how was your weekend and your Monday? Ill see you later for the giveaway details!

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