Monday, September 26, 2011

Monster Pinterest Bash!!

So I am late posting this. I also forgot to post a few weeks ago too. We are challenged to post a creation we did either by a tut on pinterest or inspiration from something we pinned. It was super crazy when I missed the last one so I didn't get to do it.

So......Guess what? My little monster turned ONE on the 21st of this month. I was super sad, both of my boys are just growing up to quickly I tell ya! Once CJ's birthday was over I was off to plan Jamison's Party. Their birthdays are exactly ONE month apart! Phew!  I tell you its going to be a challenge and heavy on the check book each and every single year, lol. As the last party was diy so was this! I couldn't not do it like that. Hello! I am a crafter, I swear it runs in my blood! I just have to make stuff. I LOVE making things, especially when I get to give them away as gifts!!

So what monsters you ask? Well he is my Little Monster. It was just perfect for him! Plus cute monsters are cute to me! I went on the HUNT for Monster anything on pinterest (love that site). Here is my Monster Board there is just SO much inspiration. There are some ADORABLE monster parties that others have done. So much inspiration to feed off of!

I needed to think of what to do for the goody bags. I am so tired of cheap toys that COST so much and they are just poorly made! Its ridiculous if you ask me. I mean seriously 90% of the time its just going to end up in the trash, right? So this Mama made MONSTER HATS!!!
I made TEN to be exact! I can't believe that I was that CRAZY enough to make TEN hand-crochet hats! PHEW! That was a BIG task to conquer, BUT I did it! Yes I was VERY tired but I LOVED the way they came out! Super duper cute if you ask me, hehe, but I am biased. I took total inspiration from these two hats here: and there are so much more other Monster Inspired hats out there its unbelievable and they are all cute too!

So these hats were in the goody bag but we needed more things to put in the bags. Since everything was handmade we didn't put a ton because just like anything else it all costs money :) and what birthday party doesn't cost some sort of money? So we did some MONSTER SLIME!!

This too can be found on pinterest!! Its a tutorial for the slime! It was another hit at the party. The little monsters were super cute and I was so glad that I found them at Target in the party section. You can find the slime tut on this pin in the blog
 it was very cool that I found it. We were going to make the pinata too but we ran out of time so we didn't get to do it.

Now it was time to figure out some decorations! We didn't go all out but we still needed some monsters to make an appearance!
Aren't these little monsters so cute? I loved the way they came out! I made the pink and purple one. My 2 younger sisters made the green on in the middle pick and my mommy made the teal and black one! They all came out super cute! People liked our little visitors! They were super nice and didn't scared the kids at all. As a matter of fact they played with the kiddos!! And my inspirations came from this pin Oh yes I forgot to mention that in the Middle Picture the Monster Hat there is the B-day Boys hat and my mom made the party bags, pretty cute, eh?

Once again I had my cousin from Stellar Cakes and Cupcakes do the cake and cupcakes! I swear her cakes and cupcakes are so so so so so Yummy!! They are gone in a heart beat there is NO seconds or left overs when she brings her goodies. Thank you Stella for the awesome cake and cupcakes that you did for Jamison's Party. I loved how they turned out and they were a hit as well. Check them out!

Aren't these just adorable? I think so. She did so awesome. I love it. These little monsters were right at home with all of the other monsters that were there visiting Jamison! They were super delicious as well, wish you could of had one!

So along with the Monster Hats, the Monster Slime we added MONSTER SHIRTS!!!! These babies were AWESOME! They monster glow in the dark!! BOOYAH!!!! We used the cricut to make the stencil and we did these babies by hand as well! The Hats, slime and shirts where a HUGE hit with the kiddies!!
See all of these little monster? They are so adorable!!! Oh ya and since we didn't get to make the monster pinata we wanted we altered a pinata. Well my mom did anyways and it just made it all that much better!

The party was a hit and it was so much fun! All the hard work and money spent was well worth it. Thank you to my older sister Selina for letting us have it at her house! Here are some pictures of the birthday boy.

He had a great time! We are all exhausted and we took today to recover. It was a great time. I hope you all liked what I did with pinterest!


  1. WOW Jackie, you did a fantastic job!! I am so impressed with everything you did!! :)

  2. You did a great job! Looks like he had a fun birthday.

  3. Which cricut cartridge includes the cute monsters? Thank you!